Home Dental Centre, with clinics located in Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsuen Wan, offer a comprehensive range of family dental solutions for you and your family members. We hope to educate the public about how to manage their personal oral hygiene and enhance their awareness of precautions to avoid future needs for unnecessary, complicated remedial treatment. Home Dental Centre provides a variety of preventive and treatment services, including Invisalign orthodontics, traditional orthodontics, tooth whitening, implants, periodontal treatment, root canal treatment and other general or specialist dental treatments.
Diagnosis and Treatment Plan/ Preventive

◆ Root canal therapy
◆ Implants
◆ Periodontal treatment and surgery
◆ Extraction/ oral surgery (including removal of impacted wisdom teeth)
◆ Comprehensive Child Dental Care and Treatment
◆ Crown
◆ Bridge
◆ Denture
◆ Oral disease prevention and treatment including early caries stabilization (including ICON)
◆ Dental treatment/ Surgeries under Intravenous (IV) Sedation/ Laughing gas
◆ Dental cleaning and Prophylaxis
◆ Imaging
     - Panoramic radiograph
     - Cephalometric imaging
     - Computed tomography
◆ Fissure sealant and fluoride treatment, desensitizing treatment
◆ Fillings and dental inlays/ onlays
Teeth Cosmetic Services

◆ In -office/ home bleaching
◆ ICON treatment for white/ brown spots
◆ Veneer
◆ Orthodontic treatment (Conventional braces / invisalign / self-ligating bracket)
Restorative / Prosthetic
◆ Direct Tooth filling
◆ Indirect tooth filling ( inlay/ onlay))
◆ Crowns
◆ Bridge
◆ Dentures
◆ Full mouth reconstruction

Root Canal Therapy
◆ Microscopic root canal treatment
◆ Root canal retreatment
◆ Broken canal tool removal

Periodontal Treatment and Surgeries
◆ Non surgical root planing/ deep cleaning
◆ Open flap debridement
◆ Regenerative periodontal therapy
◆ The corrective procedure of lip/ tongue frenulum
◆ Crown lengthening (Gummy smile correction)
◆ Gingival recession coverage
◆ Splinting of teeth with glass fiber

Comprehensive Child Dental Care and Treatment
◆ Fillings
◆ Space maintainers
◆ Athletic mouth guards
◆ Early Orthodontics/ growth modification
◆ Pulpotomy/ pulpectomy (root canal treatment for kids)
◆ Stainless stain crown/ Composite strip crown
◆ Sedation for dentistry

Complete Oral Surgery Services Including:

◆ Implant placement (without additional bone regeneration)
◆ Guided bone regeneration
◆ Maxillary sinus lifting

Tooth Removal
◆ Removal of the impacted/ wisdom teeth

◆ Lesion excision and histopathology examination
◆ Temporomandibular dysfunction treatment
◆ Orthognathic Surgery
◆ Complex dental surgery (day patient care/hospitalization)

Emergency Dental Treatment
◆ Dental Trauma
◆ Pain management


Dental treatment/ Surgeries under Intravenous (IV) Sedation/ Laughing gas / with hospitalization service
In case of severe toothache, you may call our Customer Service Officer at 3956 9387 or 2561 0218 immediately during office hours for emergency dental treatment to relieve pain as soon as possible
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Tsim Sha Tsui
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Tsuen Wan
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